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Early September brings new meaning to the term Gold Rush in Colorado. When the Aspens turn from green to gold you know winter is close behind. Riding in the high country of Colorado will give you rich rewards. As you pedal through amber canopies of leaves and crisp autumn days, the Colorado high country is like no place else. By now you have peaked in riding skills and ability and you are ready to continue on with serious riding. Whether on the road or singletrack, this time of year brings changes and changes fast. Snow in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon, or anything in between. So dress warm, have layers to add or subtract and get ready to roll out. Check out our featured ride, Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass
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Northwest - Summit County

Hoosier Pass: Breckenridge to Fairplay, round trip

Type: Road Ride
Start elevation: 9,600 ft
End elevation: 9,600 ft
Total climb: 4,000 ft
Distance: 40 miles

Hoosier Pass is a pleasant 40 mile round trip from the town of Breckenridge to Fairplay. The route crosses two counties, from Summit to Park, along Hwy 9. This ride offers wonderful views of Mount Lincoln, Democrat, and Bross. The ride follows the Blue River from Breckenridge to the summit of Hoosier Pass at 11,541 ft. The road is well maintained with sweeping switchbacks on both sides of the summit. The grade is an average of 8% which will require attention on the way down as well as up. There are plenty of establishments in Breckenridge to toast the end of this ride that will give you nearly 2,000 feet of total elevation gain in each direction.

Fremont Pass: Leadville to Frisco with Turquoise Lake

Start elevation: 10,152 ft
End elevation: 9,075 ft
Total climb: 2,907 ft
Distance: 50.2 miles

The Freemont Pass ride is best ridden from the town of Leadville to Frisco. It begins nearly 2 miles above sea level, from the highest incorporated city in the U.S., to the town of Frisco located in Summit County. This fifty mile ride will take you over the summit at 11,318 ft along Hwy 91 over the pass itself. As I-70 approaches, turn right heading east on the Ten Mile Canyon bike path and that will take you into Frisco. This may require a shuttle for you to be taken to the town of Leadville from Frisco. Donít worry, there is plenty to do in the Frisco area, check the family fun section for those not wanting to ride. This offers great rewards for the riders themselves. The average grade for this ride is 5.7% while on Hwy 91.

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