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Early September brings new meaning to the term Gold Rush in Colorado. When the Aspens turn from green to gold you know winter is close behind. Riding in the high country of Colorado will give you rich rewards. As you pedal through amber canopies of leaves and crisp autumn days, the Colorado high country is like no place else. By now you have peaked in riding skills and ability and you are ready to continue on with serious riding. Whether on the road or singletrack, this time of year brings changes and changes fast. Snow in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon, or anything in between. So dress warm, have layers to add or subtract and get ready to roll out. Check out our featured ride, Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass
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Southwest - Crested Butte

The 401, Crested Butte

Type: Mountain Bike
Start elevation: 9,100 ft.
End elevation: 9,100 ft.
Total climb: 3,000 ft.
Distance: 25 miles

This is the mountain bike ride that put Crested Butte on the map as a high altitude singletrack pick for riders of all levels and countries alike. The trail leaves from Mount Crested Butte (where the ski area is located) and travels along Gothic Road to Schofield Pass at an elevation of 10,707 ft. This area is well marked with signage that guides you to the 401. This is where it gets good! If singletrack is what you want, here it is. You will encounter pure Colorado mountain biking and awesome views along the timberline. You will also see what makes Crested Butte famous. There are wildflowers in every color imaginable lining the trail. The trail is tight and drops rapidly, so take time to stop and smell the flowers. Take pleasure in the down valley view of Mount Crested Butte and surrounding peaks. The 401 is easy to follow and drops into the town of Gothic. Once there get back on the road and head into town for a much deserved beverage and meal of choice. Crested Butte has many dining and brewery options.

Jack's Cabin Loop, Crested Butte

Type: Road Ride
Start elevation: 8,885 ft.
End: 8,885 ft.
Total climb: 1,280 ft.
Distance: 39 miles

This is a beautiful ride from Crested Butte to the town of Almont, which is nestled between Crested Butte and Gunnison. Starting from the town of Crested Butte, head south along HWY 135 and pedal about 12 miles to Jack's Cabin Cutoff. Here the road surface changes from smooth highway shoulder to hard dirt (with some gravel here and there) for about 10 miles or so. Don't worry unless it just rained, you'll be fine. The road curves into Almont where you should stop along the Taylor River for a moment or two. Enjoy the picturesque scenery and sound of the flowing water. Then get back on HWY 135 and go north back to Crested Butte to round things off. No need for a shuttle on this one. Riders of any ability will be comfortable on this trip.

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